Dan Huby, Managing Director

Dan founded Montala in 2005. Building web applications since 1995, Dan has previously worked at two web agencies for large customers including Dell, Jaguar and Churchill Insurance. He likes bikes, travelling, electric cars and retro stuff.

Neil Braddy, Technical Manager

Neil joined Montala in 2011. He is from a systems integration background. He studied Psychology at Leicester University and has worked at BT, Jacobs Rimell, Ultima Business Solutions and RM Education. He likes most food, countryside walks, playing Minecraft with his three sons and 1980s' locomotives.

Emma Huby, Operations Manager

Emma's background is in web design so as well as handling the day to day admin side of things she also likes getting the chance to use her design skills to create new marketing materials and web graphics.

Emma is a classically trained musician and plays the piano and cello. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, socialising and eating out.

Stuart Bithell, Sales Manager

Stuart joined Montala in 2013 after graduating from the University of Bedfordshire. He has a love for ponies and long walks on the beach.

Scarlett Rich, Sales and Marketing Executive

Scarlett graduated from the University of the West of England (UWE) with a degree in Business and Events Management in 2016. Her interests include travelling and visiting new places, socialising with friends, working out at the gym and her Pomeranian.

Matthew Patulski, On-boarding Specialist

Matt joined Montala in 2016 after 7 years as the DAM administrator of a global technology consulting company - also one of our clients. He resides in the US, and enjoys sunsets on Lake Michigan with his wife and two children.

Alin Cota, Application Developer

Alin joined Montala in 2014 after getting a degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems. He likes breakdancing, motorcycles and skydiving.

Alexandros Antonopoulos, Support Engineer

Alexandros joined Montala in 2015. He is a physicist who also wanted to become a vet, so he did an MSc in Meteorology to become a Support Engineer. He loves animals, travelling and history.

Abby, Office Dog

Our office dog Abby loves walks, treats, the postman and guilt-tripping people into giving her food. She hates baths and being made to wear things on her head, in particular glasses, antlers and Minion headbands.