Montala were very quick to understand the individual needs of RUSH Hair & Beauty as a business. They have provided a stable, reliable service through ResourceSpace, with an exceptionally easy roll-out. The platform is now an integral part of our daily practice!

Sujata Achuthan, Head Of IT, RUSH Hair & Beauty

I would highly recommend the team at Montala if you are looking for a high performing, simple to use, globally accessible asset management system. They make everything so much easier!

Shona Shea, Mary's Meals

Montala have always provided us with excellent customer service and have a can-do attitude. They are proud of ResourceSpace and rightfully so as I believe it to be the best and most cost effective Digital Asset Management system currently on the market.

Keira Dempsey, Media Librarian, Plan International

At Oxfam, being able to tell the story of the work we do, is key to mobilizing people for change. We've struggled for some time to find a system which is able to cater to the specific requirements of our story assets - photos and videos with large sets of complex metadata - at an affordable cost. With ResourceSpace, and excellent support from Montala, we've found exactly what we need.

Wouter Fransen, Content Manager, Oxfam

We have been using ResourceSpace for several years now. We love how easy it is to manage, and our users love how easy it is to find what they need. Montala's support team is amazing - they make everything run smoothly for us, and have been very helpful with fine-tuning the system to meet our needs.

Linda Komori, Creative Manager, Thompson Rivers University

We were excited to find Montala, a developer with a strong commitment to the open source community. Montala are accessible, thoughtful problem solvers, and have provided us with a creatively designed, user friendly DAM that fits our workflow.

Nicole Martin, Multimedia Manager, Human Rights Watch

We have been using ResourceSpace as our DAM system for a number of years and as an organisation we've been delighted with the continued support of all the team at Montala. We look forward to looking at ways of improving how we use the service and know that the experts at Montala will help in any way they can.

Gary Mazin, Stories Library Manager, RNIB

We've been very happy with Montala's support, as they have been very responsive and helpful in providing solutions or answering questions.

Charles Revkin, Senior Digital Strategy Manager, UICC

Montala's support is swift and thorough enabling us to leverage the full potential of ResourceSpace in three important college sectors, communications, facilities and the Williams College Museum of Art.

Jim Allison, Collection Developer, Williams College

The support team at Montala are quick to respond and great to work with!

Janice Sinclair, City of Spruce Grove

I honestly cannot say enough good things about ResourceSpace. Using it has completely revolutionised the way we at Blue Cross are able to work with our digital assets.

Tracey Cooper, Photo Library Coordinator, Blue Cross

We love ResourceSpace. The system has made our photo archive come alive, and has made it easily accessible. We now use a much more diverse range of photos instead of our 'standard picks'.

Kaj Bos, Graphic Design & Editing, War Child Holland

We are very pleased with the installation and technical support we receive. What a wonderful company to work with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to organize and share their resources.

Janice Fox, System Administrator, Lake County Public Library

Fairtrade communications staff around the world really appreciate ResourceSpace. It's proven invaluable as a one-stop for sharing and storing all our images and brand assets. I don't know how we'd manage without it!

Vicky Pauschert, Communications, Fairtrade International

ResourceSpace has revolutionised Lutheran World Relief's workflow and processes. Instead of spending hours digging through hundreds of folders for a photo that may not even be high-enough-quality, ResourceSpace cuts that time to seconds. I couldn't be happier.

Daniel Ruth, Social Marketing Manager, Lutheran World Relief

We are delighted with our new ResourceSpace image library. It is very intuitive to use, looks beautiful and is quite flexible so you can adapt it to how your particular organisation wants to work with it.

Rachel Harrison, Web Officer, St John's College, Oxford University

Gone are the days when we would spend hours searching, sorting, zipping, and manually sending across images. ResourceSpace was just what we needed!

Brina Leroux, Communications and Fundraising Resources Officer, Medair

With our visual identity being such a big part of who we are as an organisation, it's vital that we have a central repository for our images that's accessible to each of our offices around the country.

Meg Bauer, Communications Coordinator, The Wilderness Society

ResourceSpace is perfect for our charity's photo management. Queries are sorted promptly and the interface is very user-friendly.

Jordan Woodgate, Content Officer, SPANA

Resource Space has been very helpful in navigating our living archives. Staff on help calls have always been patient in helping us to utilise this tool.

Melissa Hand, Ten Thousand Villages

What we love about Resource Space is that it is a one-stop shop for digital resources across World Renew. We work in over 50 countries around the world, and Resource Space has enabled staff across the organisation to upload and access resources.

Christina Muia, Digital Marketing and Communications Associate, World Renew

I have been using the ResourceSpace now since August 2018, when I was initially tasked to ensure a large amount of the organisations digital assets were uploaded. I found using ResourceSpace to be very intuitive and easy.

Lyndsay Muotoh, Marketing Resources Officer, MS Society

ResourceSpace has empowered our staff to find and access the content they need independently while allowing us to keep centralised control of assets and metadata.

ResourceSpace has been easy to learn and easy to use, is incredibly customisable, and creates real value the longer you use it. I see it as a system that will only continue to become more and more useful over time and I don't know what we would do without it!

Amy Voorhees, Library Director, Kent School

We value this application tremendously because it's intuitive, flexible, steadily evolving and cost-efficient to customise.

Kate Blanch, Systems Manager, Data & Digital Resources, The Walters Art Museum

What has impressed us most is the huge amount of support that's readily available with solutions to our problems no matter how big or small.

Lisa Chadwick, Digitisation Manager, University for the Creative Arts

If storytelling is at the heart of your communications, this is a perfect platform.

Claudine Harris, World Jewish Relief

We use ResourceSpace to store all of our images. It's our organisational image library and allows people to search for, access, and download the images they need.

Geraldine Arben, Shelter

Using ResourceSpace has transformed the way we store and access the media we create and use. It's now easier and more efficient to share and access the files we need.

Andrew Bradbury, Digital Designer, Autotrader

It's easily accessible remotely by our staff and outside stakeholders.

Victoria Weller, Film Commissioner, Thompson-Nicola Regional District

The layout is intuitive and easy to use!

Carol Visnapuu, Berkshire School

The system is easy to use, easy to understand, and, most importantly, looks nice - what more could you want?

Tom Flynn, Unicef

The support team have been invaluable in helping us tweak the system so that it's perfect.

Yehia Nasr, Digital Officer, Centre for Ageing Better

It's a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Steve Russell, Senior Design Manager, London Business School

When we have had a question the Customer Success team are always on hand to help, along with training sessions throughout the onboarding process and regular check ups afterwards. I would recommend the system to all levels of users with out a doubt - in fact I already have.

Maureen Jeffers, Production and Client Services Manager, Barnardo's

We've been really happy with the system - we couldn't be happier. It's user friendly, and everybody loves it.

ResourceSpace gives our interdisciplinary design teams one place to find our assets and share ideas about technology, architecture, and design whether collaborating in-person or around the world..

Adrienne Buccella, Partner, TAD

Our team doubled in size quickly as we went remote, creating the need for us to share media assets with more people and across more places. ResourceSpace allows us to keep these materials organized and accessible which helps us maintain our high standards for ethical and effective storytelling.

Philippe Lazaro, Communications Manager, Plant With Purpose

With its flat file structure, the DAM is intuitive and simple to use. Now, all of our thousands of images are at our fingertips, easily findable whenever we need them. Plus, the customer service at ResourceSpace is outstanding

Regan Lal, Director of Marketing and Communications, Douglas College

Using ResourceSpace has been a huge step forward in how we manage stories, photos and videos. It's easy to use, customisable and the team have been super helpful from setup through to ongoing support.

Daniel Henchman, Content Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust

The software is unbelievably rich on features and we are impressed by the individualization possibilities. We enjoy working with ResourceSpace - the platform and the people building it.

MANUELA HUG, Deep Impact

ResourceSpace gives us a way to compile all our digital assets and manage their use. It is easy-to-use and makes locating specific photos much simpler!

Cecilia Pessoa, Digital Communications Assistant, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

We have been extremely happy with ResourceSpace and highly recommend it to any organisation in need of an easy-to-use and affordable system for managing digital assets.

Dale Catlett, Intranet Content Manager, ChildFund International

Support have never failed to resolve any technical issue at lightning speed.

Natasha Mulder, Content Curator, ActionAid International

ResourceSpace has made our lives easier! From the slick design and intuitive feel to the speed at which the support team respond to problems, I can't recommend this product enough.

Jennifer Nolan, Overseas Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

As a large international NGO with work spanning six decades, dozens of countries and thousands of contributors, ResourceSpace has allowed us to ensure that our content is being used to its full advantage.

Jack Howson, Content Producer, VSO

The seamless sign-on feature enables easy access for anyone within an organization, and the search functions and methods of organizing the resources help identify just what you are looking to find.

Katherine Wise, Multimedia Production Specialist, FHI 360

The friendly staff respond quickly to queries and are always willing to help - I would recommend it to anyone looking for a system like this.

Verity Burton, Marketing Officer, Norwich University of the Arts

ResourceSpace has never failed us, and continues to make life easier for our clients and ourselves every day.

Morten Brakestad, System administrator, Lysbordet

We find the lightbox option of being able to share selected images with media or corporate partners particularly useful

Libby Plumb, Head of Communications & Advocacy, FARM-Africa

ResourceSpace is an extremely user friendly platform with tons of useful personalisation functionalities.

Steven Jones, Brand Marketing Lead, Campaign To Protect Rural England

Here at A-SAFE, we are very happy with the service that ResourceSpace provides. Especially for marketing purposes, it is very useful to have an online library of images that our field sales staff (all over the world) can use to upload photos they take of installations and keep them organised.

Sami Jackson, Artworker, A-Safe

ResourceSpace is an amazing system to centralise all imagery and videos into one place. You can tag them and add more details to the files to make the searching for them really efficient. We are delighted with the system and the team at ResourceSpace are fantastic at supporting us.

Kate Garnham, Communications Officer, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

ResourceSpace is a quality solution for managing extensive media assets for any organisation. The ability to quickly search and access high resolution versions of our assets, from a central source, is an essential tool.

ALBERTO ALVARENGA, Digital Librarian, X PRIZE Foundation

With ResourceSpace our users can view high quality images fast and see different file formats, including SWF and audio files, in one place, and we can edit large amounts of data in one go! And their service team is quick and extremely helpful.

Stig S. Rasmussen, Arktisk Institut

Using ResourceSpace allows United Bible Societies to run a fully collaborative environment for storing and exchanging assets globally. We benefit from the fact that we can run the interface and metadata in three languages, representing each of our official languages.

Mary Frank, Fellowship Communications Officer, United Bible Societies

ResourceSpace was by far the most cost effective and fit for purpose system out of all the database options we looked into. It has proved to be an invaluable resource for the organisation, providing a professional, easy way to share images.

Amelia Collins, Creative Communications, Friends of the Earth

With ResourceSpace, we were able to create a centralized location for our extensive media asset library. Since we create large numbers of photos and videos every month, this has given TEEX a place for all employees to access new media.

Kathy Fraser, Video Operations Manager, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)

We've found ResourceSpace essential in sharing photos assets to our centres for use throughout our charity. It makes the most of every photoshoot and we've begun to enable individual teams to share their photos through the system too.

Tony Waghorn, Facilitator for Communications and Media, OMF International

We use ResourceSpace as a digital database of images, brochures, videos, advertisements and presentations. The great advantage is that you can make resources available to someone easily, quickly and directly via a download link.

Melissa Keinath, Marketing, Alber

ResourceSpace has been a fantastic tool for our organisation. We have been able to customise a lot of how it looks and works to be most beneficial to us.

Ashleigh Evans, Resource Gatherer, Hope and Healing International

The ongoing developments and upgrades to the software are impressive!

Paul Marshall, Head of Digital, Wildfowl and Wetland Trust

ResourceSpace has changed the way the entire archival system operates at Collegiate School. Centuries worth of documents, photos, and videos now all coexist in one database where they are securely stored.

Jasline Rodriguez, Collegiate School

ResourceSpace helps to structure what we have, what we obtain, and how we control access - which mainly comes from metadata. It has allowed us to move to create a standardised catalogue of searchable and findable assets.

The ResourceSpace team has been exceptionally good at support services. They make everything so convenient and efficient with the cutting edge technology. Kudos to the team.

Neelkant Pandhare, Senior Associate, Rainforest Alliance

We now have one centralised place where raw videos, photos and digital assets are classified with keywords so they can be searched and found easily.

I've been using ResourceSpace for 5 years and it's has proven to be an excellent tool for managing my organization's digital assets. Files and data are super easy to check-in, organize and search for later. And I can share those digital files with my team members with ease, including video files. Support has been great, however most of the support I've needed was found within the Knowledge Base section that offers many concise how-to videos.

Joseph Edwards, Senior Art Director, Georgia System Operations Corporation

The customisable search features of ResourceSpace are excellent and have allowed us to create a rich library of images. We've also received such great support from ResourceSpace in getting our platform to where it is.

Marina Stefanou, Network Coordinator, Built Environment Channel

ResourceSpace has revolutionized the way we find and share our digital assets. Prior to ResourceSpace our staff combed through a myriad of possible external hard drives and network locations to potentially find what they were looking for. Now, assets with rich metadata are available through a simple search anywhere with an internet connection

Maury Ford, Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Oklahoma City Museum of Art

ResourceSpace helps us to uphold our commitment to ethical storytelling by making it easier to caption our images and keep track of when the consent for each image expires. Colleagues can now search for images themselves confident that they won't be able to use anything that they shouldn't. The team has been very supportive in getting our system up and running in a way that works for us.

Eva Jew, Creative Content Producer, The Freedom Fund

We literally knew nothing about a DAM system. With their knowledgeable team and experience they held our hand the whole way with excellent results. Kudos to the ResourceSpace team!

GARY SHLIFKA, IT Support, Kehoe Designs

ResourceSpace had drastically increased our productivity and has allowed us to better leverage our library of digital assets all over the world. The speed, and reliability of both their customer service and platform is second to none.

Rowan Gallagher, Digital Communications Officer, Marine Stewardship Council

Having everything in one easy to search place has helped us do our jobs better and achieve our ambition of reaching and improving the lives of everyone affected by cancer.

Amy McCullough, Digital Library Co-ordinator, Macmillan Cancer Support

We knew of a lot of humanitarian charities who were with ResourceSpace, so were influenced by the fact that our peers in the sector were using it successfully, and gave us great feedback.

If you're looking for something really specific, that's going to be helpful for a potential client, we need to find exactly what we're looking for. The advanced search in ResourceSpace is great for this.

We implemented ResourceSpace 2 years ago for our entire group of companies and are still delighted with how simple and intuitive the software solution is. All of our requirements are covered by the system's functions and features. But what impresses us again and again is not only how support reacts quickly, but also the high quality of the solutions.

Lisa Gottschling, Marketing Director, Waldner

ResourceSpace have given us the means to effectively collate and manage our digital assets. We have been able to customise the system to meet the needs of the business. This has allowed us to successfully manage different access rights for staff and increase the visibility of our assets across the organisation. The team at ResourceSpace provided us with steadfast support through the development and launch of the project, showing true professionalism and technical expertise throughout.

Kirsty Smith, Creative Manager, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

ResourceSpace has been a great tool these past few years for managing our photo library, and now with many more internal staff utilizing the platform, they are finding out how easy it is to use and search for our photos rather than the old way of emailing individual requests.

Geoffrey Chin, Digital Marketing Manager, Helen Keller International

We've enjoyed our experience implementing ResourceSpace as an archival asset storage and curation solution.

Laura Willis, KUT Radio, University of Texas at Austin