Montala has evolved into a more democratic entity by transitioning to employee ownership. To better align with our values as an employee-owned company, this policy ensures that any significant changes in policy or company-wide process should receive the consent of those affected. While achieving unanimous consensus might be impractical, we can ensure that any objections are taken seriously.


  1. The policy/process owner (as listed at the top of the policy) wishes to make a significant change, definied as a material change (i.e. not spelling/grammar/layout).

  2. The proposed change is logged on Hive and staff are notified, and are then given a time period, a minimum of one week, to log objections.

  3. Any objections raised should be thoroughly reviewed by the proposer. Efforts should be made to address these objections, modifying the proposal as necessary, which must then be resubmitted.

  4. If an objection cannot be satisfactorily addressed after efforts by the proposer to do so, and the proposer wishes to proceed, the directors will make a final decision.

Additional Safeguard

Any proposed change is rejected if 30% of those impacted oppose it.  This threshold serves as a safeguard to ensure that significant dissent is enough to halt a change, emphasising our commitment to democratic principles.