• Balance - know when it's time to stop work. No overtime except in emergencies. Be flexible and support personal / family life.
  • Positivity - foster a culture of positivity. Identify and deal with negatives quickly. No blame culture - mistakes are okay. Focus on avoiding a recurrence. 
  • Honesty and transparency - be open with each other and externally to customers and suppliers - no "smoke and mirrors" or white lies.
  • Act with respect and dignity at all times both internally and externally.
  • Community - be an active and helpful part of our local community.
  • Environment - seek to minimise our environmental impact at all times.
  • Expect the above from our customers and suppliers and vet customers/source suppliers with these values in mind.


  • People - hire the best people, train and develop them and see they are well rewarded. Seek to foster long term loyalty.
  • Encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion. Be happy with being challenged and open to new ideas.
  • Quality - what we do, we do well. If we don't do it well, improve or drop it. Focus on our core strengths.
  • Strive to see the bigger picture - build solutions that solve problems we've worked to understand, not simply to meet the demands of customers.
  • Simplicity - don't implement a complex process or solution when a simple one will suffice.
  • Iterate - build/implement the simplest solution/workflow (MVP) first and extend only as needed based on results.
  • Value - strive to offer great value to our customers by pricing fairly and reasonably.

IMPORTANT - Changes to this document require trust approval.