Montala champions a culture of openness, accountability, and the highest ethical standards. Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, we ensure that employees who raise concerns in good faith about illegal, unethical, or unsafe practices are protected from victimisation. This includes issues such as unlawful conduct, health and safety risks, financial malpractice, and discrimination.

We encourage our employees to report their concerns to the HR Manager in writing to ensure clarity and allow for a structured investigation. Recognising the importance of confidentiality, we commit to protecting the identities of those who come forward, though we acknowledge that certain investigations may necessitate disclosure. Attaching your name to a report enhances its impact, but we understand and respect requests for anonymity.

Upon receiving a report, the whistleblower will be acknowledged, and we will outline the investigation process. Our objective is to address and rectify issues promptly and fairly. If the investigation substantiates the concern, appropriate actions, including disciplinary measures, will be taken.

In the spirit of our commitment against retaliation, we ensure a safe environment for raising concerns. However, if employees find the response or handling of their report unsatisfactory, Montala offers a clear escalation path:

  1. For Criminal Matters: Concerns that suggest criminal activity should be escalated to the Police. This ensures that issues warranting legal intervention are addressed appropriately and expediently.

  2. To The Trustees: As Montala is employee-owned, concerns can also be escalated to the trustees. This provides an additional layer of oversight and ensures that concerns are reviewed by those with a vested interest in the ethical and transparent operation of our organisation.

This policy not only underscores Montala’s dedication to an ethical working environment but also emphasises our commitment to the integrity and welfare of our employees. It ensures that everyone at Montala has a voice and the support needed to raise concerns, contributing to our collective success and ethical business practices.