Montala offers hosting, installation, configuration, support and development services for the open source ResourceSpace Digital Asset Management system, which was co-authored and is currently managed by Montala.

Why ResourceSpace?

  • No vendor lock-in - ResourceSpace is free and open source software. There are no license fees and you are free to host the software elsewhere at a future date should you choose to.
  • ResourceSpace is standards based and supports several standards for metadata exchange, such as XMP, IPTC and EXIF.
  • Feature-rich DAM software with an intuitive user interface. The software benefits from ongoing development funded by several large organisations.

Completely Web Based

Only a web browser is needed — no cumbersome client software installations.

Quick & Easy Search

Resources are found easily and quickly. Your users serve themselves.

Standards Based

Built on open source utilities and software for completely flexible functionality

See the ResourceSpace site for further details of the software and the associated services available from Montala.

Contact Montala to find out more or to place an order.